Walking Dead Actress Addy Miller to Join the LifeAfter Project

July 25, 2017

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Michael Strider – striderimage@gmail.com

Actress Addy Miller has decided to join forces with the LifeAfter Project. Miller is no stranger to the spotlight. She began her career at the young age of four. Since then she has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows. Her most famous is one you may recognize. It’s a TV show called, The Walking Dead.

Addy Miller – Photo by Glenn Roberson

“When I first heard of the LifeAfter Project, and all that it stood for, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. As a teenager on social media, I hope to use this as an opportunity to spread awareness to my generation,” says Miller.

Strider, a veteran Rock Photographer, based in Los Angeles, CA, founded the LifeAfter Project following the suicide of his best friend. Strider, along with Supermodel Julie Anderson and Entrepreneur Brian Whitfield has taken a stand to spread awareness for suicide prevention and substance abuse. Often, the two go hand in hand. Together, they are creating an artistic book called, The LifeAfter Project – Visions of Hope.

The book consists of celebrities that are advocates for awareness to these terrible subjects and the stigma that surrounds them. Proceeds will benefit the Hope Squad (www.hopesquad.com). The Hope Squad spreads awareness in schools across the country. Proceeds will also go to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (suicidepreventionlifeline.org), a 24/7 help line for those in crisis.

Addy will be doing her exclusive photo shoot while attending Strider’s hometown birthday bash in North Carolina on Saturday, July 29.

“We are honored to include Addy in the LifeAfter family. Her image and voice have the power to impact her generation significantly. We feel it is imperative that she and others her age learn to stand up and be outspoken about the deadly stigmas that surround suicide and substance abuse,” says Strider.

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July 25, 2017