Julie Anderson – Creative Director

Julie Anderson is the creator and publisher of FeminineCollective.com.

Feminine Collective is an online magazine that prides itself on offering a platform for essays, stories, and poetry that break traditional media’s boundaries. Considered a literary magazine with bite, Humanity, Raw & Unfiltered is published daily.

In addition to the magazine, Julie is the publisher of Feminine Collective Media. A boutique publishing house that offers a personal and tenacious touch for the Authors, which is unheard of in today’s publishing landscape.

Formerly known at the “face” for many luxury brands during her reign as a 90’s Supermodel, she has lived and worked on six continents. Always eager to learn more about the lives of all the individuals that she encounters, she inadvertently became a story collector. After twenty plus years on the road, she considers herself incredibly lucky to have found her “voice.”

Author, Blogger, Poet, Editor, Creative Director, and Photographer Julie is also a proud mother of three unique children.

A vocal, mental health advocate, Julie now the Managing Director of the LifeAfter Project Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides educational content to spread awareness for suicide prevention, substance abuse, and domestic violence.

She is also a “Supermodel Ambassador” for “I Am Waters Foundation”, a nonprofit that provides clean drinking water to America’s growing homeless population.

Continuing in that vein, Julie has been an active donor and participate in Water Health International’s quest to provide clean drinking water to the world’s most impoverished countries. So far the nonprofit provides water for 5 Million people in India, Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria and Liberia.

Visit her column “Pursuit of Perfection” on Feminine Collective, for a dose of reality from Julie’s perspective or her personal website: julieandersonofficial.com

Donate to the LifeAfter Project and help us save a life!

Donate to the LifeAfter Project and help us do more than save a life, help us change lives!