Why I Advocate For Mental Health

Why am I an advocate for mental health? I believe it is critical for there to be education and access to health care for everyone, and those needing mental health services. I would love to see the stigma of mental illness removed. Having experienced PTSD as well as depression and anxiety in my life, seeing family members suffer from some of these kinds of conditions, as well as relatives suffering from conditions such as alcoholism and drug addiction to…

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My Grandfather’s Silent War With His Depressed Mind

My Grandfather suffered from schizophrenia. My mom used to tell me the after he came back from the Second War world (he was in the resistance) he was never the same. His illness just got worse, and he would sometimes have severe episodes, in which he would run up into the mountains thinking the war was back. Or, after he lost his business because his partner ripped him off, he was up entire nights going over the numbers in…

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My Life with Major Depressive Disorder

For as long as I can remember, I’ve lived with an illness that for the most part goes unseen. To this day it is still difficult for friends and family to wrap their head around because on the outside: I look Ok. It’s an invisible illness. I didn’t catch it, and it wasn’t something that just happened to me one day out of the blue. As a child, there were subtle signs. As I grew older, they became more…

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