My Life with Major Depressive Disorder

For as long as I can remember, I’ve lived with an illness that for the most part goes unseen. To this day it is still difficult for friends and family to wrap their head around because on the outside: I look Ok. It’s an invisible illness. I didn’t catch it, and it wasn’t something that just happened to me one day out of the blue. As a child, there were subtle signs. As I grew older, they became more…

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Folly of Two

Growing up with mentally ill parents, this writer shares the shame and secrets that the family tried to hide. Caveat: Please understand that delusional thought processes are SYMPTOMS of mental illness. I feel compassion, even as I feel pain and anger as someone negatively affected by parental delusional thoughts. I, too, have experienced delusional thoughts and bizarre impulses. I’m heir to familial mental illness. I get it. I write this, I submit this for online publication, with great trepidation….

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