An Honest Alcoholic and the Fallout

Have you ever wondered why people stay – when they should go? Addiction, multifaceted and annihilating Addiction, multifaceted and annihilating even makes the alcoholic cringe, hating himself. One of the best essays on this topic was recently published on Feminine Collective. Written by Robert DeFino, “My Relapse” is his journey laced with beer and melancholy. “I thought to myself, “There is no way that it could ever get any worse than this.” But it did get worse, it always does….

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Life is Beautiful

It really is. My life motto is “La Dolce Vita.” But obviously, a sweet life doesn’t come without sadness, tragedy, heartbreak, and sickness. It takes a lot of work to see beyond the dark stuff and just focus on the goodness. As the Dalai Lama said, “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” But for some of us, that is easier than for others. What country, zip code and family you were born into may dictate certain…

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Phoenix Rising: Thriving With Depression

Previously published on Feminine Collective She always asks how I am doing. I rattle off a few tidbits, mainly professional milestones or interesting people who I crossed paths with over the past week, simultaneously picking at fluff that does not exist on her couch. She probes again “How are you doing?” I always reply “I told you how am doing, it’s been a great week.” And so it goes, week in and week out when I’m on my therapist’s…

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