Open Letter Challenge to All Musicians & Hollywood Elite

Chester Bennington Linkin Park

Open Letter Challenge to All Musicians & Hollywood Elite

We, the fans, and dare I say, family, have lost yet another member of our tight-knit community. This loss was not due to a reckless lifestyle, something as simple as a traffic accident, or as terrible as a random act of terrorism. Instead, this loss was the result of desperation, anguish, loneliness, depression or whatever internal demons could have driven Chester Bennington to such lengths.

These demons are the same ones that live within millions of people across the world.  Waitresses, construction workers, musicians, doctors, lawyers…the list goes on.

For many years, the lyrics Chester wrote and sang often spoke of such anguish, the same thing with Chris Cornell.  Looking back further, Layne Staley and Kurt Cobain fit the bill as well. Through such a rear view mirror, we can all see signs we may have missed or just ignored because of our own discomfort.

Maybe, and we’ll never know for sure, had even one of us spoken up and gotten their attention we could have influenced a change in their ultimate decision to make their final and permanent solution to what is only a temporary problem or interruption in the course of their lives.

Sadly it is too late to make such changes for the benefit of Chester, Chris or any of the others.

Each time we all suffer such a high-profile loss, so many celebrities take to social media to pay lip service to how terrible suicide is and how this needs to end. It is far beyond the time to finally STEP UP!

This is my challenge to you.  Yes, YOU – Musicians, Actors/Actresses, Producers, Directors….you name it!  The public profession of concern is great and it does play a necessary role in our society.  However, if you actively take part in the LifeAfter Project you will reach those in need.  Together, if we can help one person your efforts and ours will be well worth it.

Through the LifeAfter Project, YOUR image and YOUR voice will reach untold numbers.

Take an active role!

Proceeds from the LifeAfter Project are going to the Hope Squad (, as well as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (  The Hope Squad spreads awareness of suicide prevention to children in schools across the country.  The NSPL counsels people in crisis 24/7.  Both play a vital role.

Please contact me directly to arrange your photo shoot and share your story of why YOU are an advocate.

Lend your voice to the LifeAfter Project.  Please stand up for your fans and inspire them to both continue forward in their own lives, as well as to be vigilant and aware of the signs and dangers faced by those they love.

Nobody else should ever have to face such a terrible decision

Nobody else should ever feel alone

Nobody else should ever have no hope

Nobody else should ever be abandoned

No matter the trauma

No matter the pain

No matter the cause

There is Always Hope for #LifeAfter


Michael Strider

Managing Director – LifeAfter Project