New Strides for Suicide Prevention in Colorado

A step forward for suicide prevention in Colorado. Write to your Congressmen/Women and share your reason why they should follow in the footsteps of Colorado legislature.

Reposted from The Denver Post –

Colorado lawmakers are sending a bill to the governor’s desk that would create a state office for suicide prevention responsible for initiating a new plan to decrease suicides.

Colorado has the seventh-highest rate of suicide in the nation. The new model, called “Zero Suicide,” has been shown to cut down on suicides by up to 80 percent when used in health systems, bill supporters said.

Senate Bill 147 was passed by the House 39-25 Wednesday and sent to Gov. John Hickenlooper.

The new state office would collaborate with health agencies and private health-care systems to implement the zero suicide prevention plan.

The zero suicide model includes training health professionals in prevention. More than 30 percent of people who die by suicide are receiving mental health care at the time of their deaths, and 25 percent visit an emergency department within a month of dying.

For bill sponsor Rep. Brittany Pettersen, D-Lakewood, the bill was personal.

“I often wonder if the people working with my brother had known how to help him, if he would be here today,” she said during testimony for the bill.