Frank “The Legend” Shamrock Joins The LifeAfter Project

Frank “The Legend” Shamrock is the recipient of countless titles and awards during his tenure as a Mixed Martial Artist. He was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame with the title of America’s Best Pound for Pound Fighter in History. Frank-Shamrock-LifeAfter-ProjectHe is a true Icon in the sport.

There’s much more to Frank than simply being a legend in the MMA world.

In addition to being a fighter, he is a father, husband, teacher to both adults and youth, and philanthropist.

As a result of his desire to help others, he founded the Shamrock Way Organization. The organization is a volunteer-powered charity committed to helping at-risk youth become leaders of sports, technology, and social activism.

We are very proud to announce that Frank is now on board with the LifeAfter Project. He is a true activist for spreading awareness to suicide prevention and substance abuse.

Frank-Shamrock-LifeAfter-ProjectIn conclusion, Frank has an upcoming match on October 15. Specific details are listed on his social media.

Please take a moment to learn more about Frank and all of his passions at the links below.

Twitter/Instagram – @frankshamrock