Domestic Abuse Statistics

Domestic violence is a tragedy of epic proportions, to say the least. The damage inflicted goes beyond the physical injuries. The psychological damage can and usually does last far, far longer than the bruises and scars. A child who is a witness to domestic abuse is effected (I’ll call it infected) for life. My heart breaks with each and every case I have dealt with, and is why we at the Life After Project are so passionate about doing what we can to help as many as we can!

You can help too! Your donations go to helping the innocent children and ladies who have suffered more than most of us will ever know or could imagine!

Below are a few startling statistics:

– Every 9 seconds a woman is abused by an intimate partner.
– 70% of women worldwide will experience domestic abuse.
– As a result, 1/3 of American children have witnessed violence between their parents.

Domestic Abuse Statistics

When we think of domestic violence, our minds most typically goes to an image of a man physically assaulting their female intimate partner, that is no always the case!

Abuse can come in the following forms:

Physical abuse consists of hitting, throwing, grabbing, etc. It can also include pinching, poking, and any unwanted touching.

Sexual abuse is any unwanted sexual behavior from one person to another.

Emotional abuse describes the terrorization of one’s feelings. This includes withholding love, making someone feel sad or isolated, etc.

Psychological abuse describes any actions that inspire to initiate self-degradation or a lack of self-esteem in a partner.

Economic abuse includes strictly controlling finances, forcing a partner to be financially dependent, and dictating all spending.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse please seek immediate help! Inflicting harm on another, (domestic abuse and violence) is illegal!  Call 911 and report an abuser! Then please contact the Life After Project and let us help you help yourself to a creating a positive and productive life after!

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