To My Parents: Let Me Explain My Mental Illness

Originally published on The Mighty   Dear mom and dad, First off, I’d like to say I am a teenager diagnosed with major depression (with psychotic symptoms and a potential eating disorder). I also experience severe anxiety. I want you both, as well as parents and guardians of other teenagers dealing with mental illness, to see things from my perspective for a moment. I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t mean to scare you or make you feel…

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I Saw a Schizophrenic Struggling

Originally posted on Feminine Collective  I have a local hang out spot that I frequent more than a few times a week, which is located across the street from a county hospital which includes a mental health ward. Between that and the homeless people who to occupy the small South Bay town, there are some interesting individuals that come in, from time to time (meaning, like, every other day). I’ve seen people on drugs more times than I can…

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New Strides for Suicide Prevention in Colorado

A step forward for suicide prevention in Colorado. Write to your Congressmen/Women and share your reason why they should follow in the footsteps of Colorado legislature. Reposted from The Denver Post – Colorado lawmakers are sending a bill to the governor’s desk that would create a state office for suicide prevention responsible for initiating a new plan to decrease suicides. Colorado has the seventh-highest rate of suicide in the nation. The new model, called “Zero Suicide,” has been shown…

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The Reason Gene Simmons Told Me To Check My Ego

Gene Simmons & Strider

Reprinted with permission from Rachel Thompson –   A Little Background I’ll be the first to admit that most people really don’t get me. Hell, most of the time, I don’t even get myself. Out of everyone in my life, I think that it was only my parents who ever really got me. In fact, they got me when I was only six weeks old. Yes, they literally got me. I was adopted. As an only child, it…

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Phoenix Rising: Thriving With Depression

Previously published on Feminine Collective She always asks how I am doing. I rattle off a few tidbits, mainly professional milestones or interesting people who I crossed paths with over the past week, simultaneously picking at fluff that does not exist on her couch. She probes again “How are you doing?” I always reply “I told you how am doing, it’s been a great week.” And so it goes, week in and week out when I’m on my therapist’s…

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