Brian Whitfield – Executive Director

Brian Whitfield was born in Fort Worth, Texas, raised as a traditional Southern gentleman in the hills and mountains of western North Carolina.

Brian enjoyed the small mountain town life, he made it interesting and full of adventures; however, he could never quite handle the small town bindings.

Ten days after Brian graduated high school he spent his summer vacation training to be a United States Marine at the infamous Parris Island Marine Corps Recruit Depot. Two days after his graduation from Parris Island, the newly christened Marine married his high school sweetheart.

The Marine Corps decided that Brian and his new bride, Beth, should be as far away from their home and all the people the knew. Beth and Brian were issued orders to the opposite side of this great nation, to Camp Pendleton, California, and that is where they stayed. Beth and Brian have lived in San Diego, California for 23 years.

For the last 18 years Brian has started and helped start many businesses, and corporations to include two production companies giving him experiences in front of and behind the camera.

In 2003 Brian and his wife Beth opened their first store, after running a home based business for two years. Beth and Brian now own and operate a couple of small businesses, Hair Body and Sol, Inc., located in San Diego, California, and they have HBS Serendipity, Inc., and Latitude 55, LLC, located in Ketchikan, Alaska. Brian also owns and operates a precious metals exchange company, Pacific Coin Exchange, also located in San Diego.

Outside of being a serial entrepreneur, another one of Brian’s passions is teaching and education. Brian has been an associate professor teaching in the business and computer science departments at different Universities, teaching in both traditional (physical classroom) and online classrooms, since 2000.

When asked why he accepted the position of Executive Director of the LifeAfter Project, Inc. charity, Brian’s response was:

“Being happy in this life is important to me; doing what you love and what makes you happy for the short amount of time we have in this life is vital. Nothing makes me happier than helping others and making those you care about happy, it’s one of my favorite past times, so I spend quite a bit of my time and effort pursuing efforts to do just that. Helping others just so happens to be a goal of the LifeAfter Project, it wasn’t a hard decision to make to accept the position of Executive Director.

Being a USMC veteran, seeing so many of my fellow veterans committing suicide, suffering through depression, addiction, anxiety and other forms of mental illnesses is a travesty! Hearing all the stories of suicide, depression, substance abuse, there are no words to express the heart break I feel when I hear of another life needlessly cut short. I firmly stand by the saying, ‘suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem’.

I struggled with a dependency to pain killers for a few years. These were the pain killers given to me by the Veteran’s Administration due to injuries I suffered during my time in the USMC. I still suffer today from my injuries and will for the rest of my life, everyday is a reminder. I understand the struggles, from experience, of having the demons of addiction whisper in your ear daily, hourly.

April 1, 2018 marked my two year anniversary being free from the grasps of opioid based pain killers. March 31, 2016, I said no more, I committed to quitting and I have to say that it was the hardest, darkest, saddest time of my life. To be honest, I am thankful to be alive, pain killers were taking my life away, physically and metaphorically. So many others could not fight the demons of addiction and suicidal thoughts that I too faced. I pray that with the LifeAfter Project we can help just one person not suffer as I did, as far too many do. My goal is simple, I will help others find the help they need in order to see that life is truly beautiful.”


Brian R. Whitfield, MBA
Executive Direct – LifeAfter Project, Inc.

Click here to read an article published by Yahoo News that features Brian and his story of overcoming a dependency on opioid pain killers.

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