Why I Advocate For Mental Health

Why am I an advocate for mental health?

I believe it is critical for there to be education and access to health care for everyone, and those needing mental health services. I would love to see the stigma of mental illness removed. Having experienced PTSD as well as depression and anxiety in my life, seeing family members suffer from some of these kinds of conditions, as well as relatives suffering from conditions such as alcoholism and drug addiction to self-medicate themselves from the suffering and shame they are experiencing is heartbreaking.

I feel that no one should have to be alone or abandoned in their suffering or suffer the societal stigma that surrounds mental health/illness in this day and age, and certainly not imprisoned or homeless. Now more than ever, in the stressful society/culture that we find ourselves in, people should have access to every resource available, including Western medicine. To me that also includes alternative resources such as yoga, meditation, nutrition, being outdoors in healthy, natural healing environments, and Eastern medicine and Eastern healing techniques to name just a very few.

I have had the privilege to have access to so many of these alternative modalities, and I can say they have saved my life, where Western medicine was limited for me personally. I would like to create a world where those suffering from mental afflictions are surrounded by love just as anyone would do the same for someone hospitalized for, say, for instance, cancer or heart disease. Everyone wants to be happy, healthy and loved.

Life is beautiful and miraculous when we can learn to change our perspective; we can find that wellspring of happiness within that is our true nature and birthright. For that to happen, we need to be educated and to have access to every resource available.

by: Pam Ross Porcar


*If you are seeking help or knows someone who may be suffering from the affects of a potential mental issue, please seek help immediately! You can start online by visiting www.BetterHelp.com, a great resource for finding direction!